The incredible Quilt Block Sundial project. North Carolina

Evidence of the Economic Impact:   

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We created the world’s first quilt block sundial. It is the largest vertical sundial in North Carolina. We just took first place (Award of Merit) from the Small Town Main Street organization for the sundial in the Promotion category. Last year we also won first place for out Quilt Trails project.

We have created an in-town walking tour of the quilt blocks in town. We also have produced 3 Road Rallys based on the quilt blocks. This event brings people to the area and some spend the night as the Rally starts early in the morning.

We also have a Gift Shop at the Chamber of Commerce.

Because of the sundial and the interest generated in it, the town of Burnsville launched a Stars on the Square event. We turn out all the lights on the town square and people bring their telescopes and those without telescopes come and everyone looks at and learns about the stars until midnight. A local business supplied heaters and hot chocolate and coffee and cookies for our first event. The second event is already scheduled (as is the third and fourth) and the second event will feature a lecture by the Chief Engineer on the Hubble Space Telescope and the Rotary Club will sell refreshments (this one will be in April). Already this event is starting to generate new revenue for the folks who live here – and it can be traced back to the sundial. If you read the section below called Quilt Square Star Map you will see a connection.

We are happy to make sundials for anyone anywhere in the country, as well as paint quilt blocks. WE have painted blocks for people in Florida and Texas.

Barbara Webster
Executive Director
Quilt Trails of Western North Carolina
PO Box 986
Burnsville, NC 28714

About Mary Simpson

Mary is one of the facilitators for, a Canadian network of quilters, rural organizations, museums, historians, sponsors and many others with a passion for rural Canada. We are working together to promote and enhance rural creativity, the arts, Canadian heritage and culture.

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  1. Thanks for sending us this information, Barbara. An inspiration for what can be done.

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