Lake Erie Winery Route in the planning stage

Ann Wilson and Marion Homer from the Harrow, Colchester area visited Wardsville this week. These gals are hot for barn quilts!

Establishing a Barn Quilt Trail along 50 highway through the blossoming wine district with Lake Erie as the background seems like a grand project for the citizens of this area.

Ann and Marion had a lot of questions and went home envisioning how a Barn Quilt Trail could evolve in time for the War of 1812 commemorative events in 2012.

We wish them well and good luck!

Hats off to you!


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  1. Greetings from the NY Amish Trail and their Barn Quilt Project. You can check our “quilts” on our web site:

    We have been working on projects for several years, although most of our quilts are 4X4 in size they are popular especially in the village of Randolph NY

    I look forward to visiting your quilts this summer!

  2. Please look us up. Mary Simpson 519 287 3566 in Glencoe, Ontario. We’ll link to your website.

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