Southwest Ontario Barn Quilt Trail announced

We are proud that the Sand Plains Community Development fund is supporting a 5-county barn quilt trail project.  Here are the details which were announced at the Outdoor Farm Show mid September:

PROJECT # 83-P001

 PROJECT NAME:  Southwest Ontario Barn Quilt Trail

 Business/Organization:  Elgin, Oxford, Norfolk Association of Curators and Directors

 County: Sand Plains Region

 Priority Categories Addressed: Tourism

 Contribution Amount: $178,100

 Committee Approval Date: April 27, 2011


Project Summary: This project will develop a barn quilt trail containing a minimum of 100 locations across the Sand Plains region.  Barn Quilt Steering Committees created  in each of the five (5) Sand Plains counties will design, create and install the barn quilts and develop related material for their county.  A combination of print and digital material will be used to promote the Southwest Ontario Barn Quilt Trail. 


Regional Economic Impacts & Benefits: Barn quilt trails promote local culture and history, engage people in their communities, and bring tourism and tourist dollars  into the region.


Market Impact Assessment: The project has broad support from the tourism stakeholders in the region. 

About Mary Simpson

Mary is one of the facilitators for, a Canadian network of quilters, rural organizations, museums, historians, sponsors and many others with a passion for rural Canada. We are working together to promote and enhance rural creativity, the arts, Canadian heritage and culture.

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