Broken Dishes

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Let Mrs. Timothy Kilbourne, (nee  Clement Woodhull) tell you about the dishes.In the summer of 1812 my husband Timothy and his brother Aaron were

Hilltop Antique owners with Broken Dishes barn quilt.

in the militia serving  under Captain Daniel Springer near Detroit. My sister Hannah  and I were  alone with our 14 children.  On May 4, Hannah gave birth to a daughter, Clementine.British soldiers traveling from Burlington Heights westward passed through Delaware.  We settlers were obliged to board these troops in our houses and barns.   Scuffles broke out.  Dishes were broken.

These events continued until October 1813, and  the defeated General Proctor’s retreat. Four hogs and a sheep were  taken from our farm along with our remaining fence rails.  The  retreating British Indians, starving and desperate for food ransacked our house.  Dishes were broken.

This was now our life.  In July  1814 our hay  and oats were taken. August 28 1814 Sgt. Thomas Dowlin of the Oxford militia was in our home buying cattle.  A group of American Rangers threw open the door.  My little ones were terrified .  Sgt Dowlin was taken prisoner.  Dishes were broken.

In October 1814, General McArthur’s army with the  traitor Andrew Westbrook passed  through Delaware  on their route of destruction.  At the farm of my sister Hannah and her husband Aaron , crops  and fence rails were taken. In the house , doors were ripped off and floor boards taken up for fuel.   Dishes were broken.

The office of  my father-in-law Joseph Kilbourne,  the clerk of the township, was burned, along with the precious documents of our settlement.  The  family tea  set the old man treasured  was destroyed.

At the end of the war our dishes, were nothing but shards.

The two sisters who married two brothers are buried in the Woodhull  Cemetery, 1963 Woodhull Road, London.Written by Frances KilbourneSources:Stott and Hall:  Taken an Destroyed, War of 1812 Losses and Claims

Archives of Canada Paylists Ist Regiment, Middlesex Militia , Officer’s lists and Company Rolls   RG 9   IB7   Volume 31.   1812-1814

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  1. Thank you for writing this well-worded post about the trials my family faced during the War of 1812. Aaron, Hannah and their daughter Frances are my great-grandparents and I was not familiar with the damages they incurred during the raids and turmoil which took place. I look forward to digging into the primary sources myself to learn even more!

  2. I, too, am a descendant of Aaron and Hannah and had not known about these details. Thanks for posting.

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