Barn Quilt Conference

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“Getting on the Barn Quilt Trail”

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CONFERENCE October 22 & 23, 2013

Homeward Bound

-Learn how to make a barn quilt-

-Learn how to make a barn quilt trail-

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  1. I received a great message from our story telling friend, Pauline Grondin reporting on the Battle of the Thames last weekend:

    “We had 5,000 students on the Friday and 20,000 people through on the Saturday. I had the Barn Quilt Trail brochures on my table as always and many of them were taken away. It always gives me an opportunity to brag about the work the people of the Barn Quilt Trail continue to do.

    “Some who dropped by for a chat and a listen proudly admitted they were quilters and one painter. I am happy to say there were many people inspired to follow the trail and many more who now understand what the quilts on the side of the barns and buildings are doing there.

    “There were a number of people who had seen my performances in their area in the last year or so who stopped by to say hello. I saw Glen Stott in the distance rushing by a number of times. We had so many people gathered around us that everything just seemed to go by in a rush.

    “It was the amazing weekend we knew it would be…and the rain even held off for us. Well, except for the drenching we received while setting up on Thursday.”

    All the Best,


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