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Tourism Sign Strategy

The County of Middlesex is working with four other counties to devise a collaborative tourism sign strategy.  What a great idea! Let’s harmonize signage for a large area: Norfolk, Brant, Elgin, Oxford and Middlesex.  Now known as South Central Ontario.

Tourism signs pose a challenge.  If the signs are too organized and consistent, they lose their artistic appeal and don’t convey a sense of place.  Too many haphazard signs, don’t work either.

I’ve always been relieved that Canada never embraced huge billboards.   What’s worse than too many advertising

Blank bill boards on the I-40. May 2010

bill boards?  Too many blank bill boards.  Check out this photo I took along I-40 last May, returning from California. Not sure exactly where we were; somewhere on the highway after leaving the south side of the Grand Canyon.

There were miles of bill boards with nothing on them.  Very eery.  I would prefer some advertising on them.


Quilt Discovery Days

I was thrilled to chat with Donna Sue Groves today, the creator of the original barn quilt.  She suggested that we take a look at “Quilt Discovery Days”.  Here’s a how-to from Florida Quilters.

A Quilt Discovery Day records details about the wonderful quilts that are currently residing in your community. The goal is to gather as much information on as many different quilts as possible.