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Half of Parks Canada assets in ‘poor’ shape

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Back on June 19, 2012 while touring the local Lambeth historical society along the Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail, our stop at the Battle of the Longwoods cairn was enriched by the coincidence of meeting up with Parks Canada staff.  The sad news he admitted is that the Harper government is not allocating enough money to maintain assets such as this cairn.  This aging cairn needs yearly maintenance to keep it in good repair.  Mary Simpson promised she would pass along our disappointment to our MP, Bev Shipley.  The Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail is all about appreciating our local history.  Little evidence remains of the War of 1812-14.  This delicate cairn is precious.

Many months later, Parks Canada admits that 47% of all its assets are in poor or very poor condition.  A separate sampling pushed that overall level to 53%.

Feb 12, 2014 Globe & Mail Article :  Internal report says Parks Canada buildings in worse shape than claimed – The Globe and Mail

Longwoods Trail stories are featured in a documentary

This documentary covers the same territory as the Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail: the social history of the War of 1812 – 1814.

As the title suggests, A Desert Between Us and Them is about the people involved on the ground in the two-year war between the U.S. and Canada, either as combatants or as collateral damage. There is no focus here on aspects of the war which are more widely (if vaguely) known by the average Ontarian. No mention at all, for example, of the burning of the White House in Washington by a daring band of Canadians. Laura Secord gets one shout out but her contribution to the war effort is not described.


Reference: An Oct 1st story from The Windsor Star: “TVO film brings ‘real’ War of 1812 to life” ( See the full text at )

Sponsors of the Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail

Champions creating an Arts Corridor


Chris Dewit Construction Inc. Phone:  (519) 476-7331

T.L. McCallum Construction Ltd. Phone: (519) 851-7257

F.T. Garage, Gary Couckuyt

Cubeit Moving &Storage

Crawford & Danyluk Insurance Brokers in Delaware ON

Crocodile Productions

Municipality of Strathroy Caradoc

Municipality of Middlesex Centre

Municipality Southwest Middlesex

Betty Simpson

Creative Communities

The Clench Trust

Barn quilt trail officially launched

by Marie Williams-Gagnon, Transcript & Free Press, Hayter-Walden Publications

It was a week of recognition and appreciation for the barn quilt trails which are spreading through the countryside, spurred locally by an initial project in Wardsville.

Over 100 people gathered at the Melbourne Agricultural Hall on Saturday morning, September 29 for the launch of the Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail. Days earlier, the Native Women’s Trail of Tears Quilt had been unveiled.
M.C. Diana Jedig explained the basis of the barn quilt projects and introduced various council members in attendance from neighbouring municipalities.
The Native Women’s Trail of Tears quilt was unveiled, along with the Longwoods Quilt and an actual 8’ x 8’ barn quilt featuring an image of Tecumseh. South Caradoc has installed barn quilts along Muncey Rd. that relate to their settlement history, dating back to the 1830s.
Sheila Devost of Tourism Middlesex read a message from M.P. Bev Shipley before Tillsonburg mayor and SCOR chairman John Lessif spoke about their mandate of promoting tourism. He said that he is amazed at the visitors coming to tour the trails in his area and the number of volunteers coming together to make the vision a reality.
Jedig introduced the visionary of the project, Denise Corneil, who introduced barn quilts when she garnered support to create 30 blocks in time for Wardsville’s bi-centennial in 2010. 
Corneil expressed appreciation and listed the names of volunteers. She was thrilled that the 15 Chippewa blocks were all painted in one weekend. “At one time my car had 140 litres of primer paint in it and the paint moved down the road from Delaware and Thamesville. I’m very excited about the project and how it’s benefitted the community.”
Strathroy-Caradoc mayor Joanne Vanderheyden recognized the hosts of the barn quilts who are “caring for cultural folk art.”  With each barn quilt costing approximately $1,000, the sponsors were thanked, along with those who sponsored the original Wardsville trail, the researchers and designers.
A trio of Native singers and drummers shared two numbers before Devost welcomed the crowd to visit sites during Doors Open Middlesex, held that weekend. She announced that Tourism Middlesex has received $55,000 to commemorate the War of 1812. “There are bigger things still to come.”Marie Williams-Gagnon
Transcript & Free Press
Glencoe, Ontario

2nd Bothwell Scouts – “artistes”!

Barn Quilt Painters, 2nd Bothwell Scouts and BeaversDulux Paint can drums played by 2nd Bothwell Beavers. - 3Glenn Stott, Denise Corneil, Cheryl Sinclair, Nicole Newport, Gayle AllenDulux Paints, Longwoods Barn Quilt Trails - 2Glenn Stott, Royal Scott & Bothwell Scouts - 6Rodger Mellis and Trudy Lodger, 2nd Bothwell Boy Scouts
Glenn Stott, Royal Scott & Bothwell Scouts - 2Glenn Stott, Royal Scott & Bothwell Scouts - 3Adrian Barnes, Bothwell ScoutGlenn Stott, Royal Scott & Bothwell Scouts - 1BeaverBothwell Scouts - 1
Bothwell Scouts and Beavers. - 4Bothwell Scouts and Beavers. - 3Bothwell Scouts and Beavers. - 1

Mr. and Mrs. Wammes hosted the paint workshop for the 2nd Bothwell Boy Scouts to paint 5 blocks for the Longwoods Road Barn Quilt Trail.  Good work!