Drunkard’s Path

Hosted by City Slickers Country Cafe, 8486 Longwoods Rd, Mt. Brydges, ON.  Sponsored by Doris and Victor Heisler.

Painted by Delaware Lions Club

Today is June 4 king George III’s birthday which means the local militia will muster and drill with their pitchforks and assorted weaponry in the King’s honour. They gather on the river flats a mere mile from here. Since my husband Elijah is away doing his teaching in a Delaware area school, it is left to me to prepare for the ribald behavior and drunkenness which inevitably follows when the muster participants find their way to this establishment. The behavior of the men, young and old, usually ends with the majority having “drunk to excess”.

All of this means that I must journey in the canoe down the stream flowing just behind our inn to the mill in Delaware so that I may refill the grog box. It  is my hope that the ride back up the stream is as smooth as the trip down. I can’t afford to have the grog spill from the full buckets. The climb up the bank from the canoe to the inn is an arduous one because it is rather steep.

Written by Doris Heisler.
Elijah Gregory arrived on Longwood’s road in 1808 and was  hired as a school teacher in Delaware.  He married Anne Sloatt. Source: Common school directory journal of education Upper Canada schools part 11 table n

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