Track hours and contributions here

Here is the link to the form for Tracking Hours and Contributions:    Live form.

Southcoast Barn Quilt Trails projected led by EON:

Instruction:  Please enter the hours on behalf of your team’s volunteers.

Value all volunteer hours at $20 per hour.   Track mileage and value hours at $.55/km.

Please enter the in-kind or dollar investment of goods and services donated.

Use Description field to describe the work or donation.  Include the date as there is no separate date field.

Where is the Form to fill out?  

  1. Go to EON Project page in the Ontario Barn Quilt Trails web-site:
  1. or request the email with form from Mary Simpson

What if I want to view my entries in the entire spread sheet and fix an error?

You can fix errors in your data entry on the form, but you cannot work in the actual spread sheet unless you are a member of

Fields are:

  1. Name of County
  2. Research Hours: include planning, historical research, writing, site selection
  3. Painting Hours: include design, painting, installation and all hours invested in production of barn quilts
  4. Volunteer Hours: misc
  5. Quilting Hours: fabric quilt design, stitching, finishing and all hours invest in production of fabric quilts
  6. Promoting and Managing Hours: Promotion, outreach, communications, project management, meetings.
  7. In-Kind Contribution.  What is the dollar value of the inkind contribution?  Value all volunteer hours at $20 per hour.
  8. Sponsorship $.  What is the dollar value of the sponsor’s cash contribution?
  9. Description.  Write a brief description of in-kind or $ contribution.  Include date.
  10. Date Stamp: Date of data entry is automatically stamped on spread sheet.


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