Seeking Barns

Seeking MORE barns along the Longwoods Road between London and Chatham.

If you have a barn and would like to host a

colourful barn quilt block

contact us!

100 is the goal

Jan 15, 2012. Longwoods Road, ON, Canada:    The Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail project seeks hosts with appropriate locations for 60  barn quilts lining an “arts corridor” down the Longwoods Road between Tecumseh’s Monument and the Delaware Speedway.

Selected hosts will allow access for installation and will monitor the barn quilt.  If your location is selected by the selection committee, an agreement outlining responsibility and ownership details will be signed.  The committee seeks owners of heritage agricultural buildings – barn, corn crib, hog barn, tobacco barn, tobacco kiln – that do not house people.  The site must be a neat and attractive setting and close to the highway for good viewing without obstructions.  This is art that is meant to be enjoyed by the travelling public.  There are no pull-offs and visitors are not encourage to stop on the highway.  The information about the barn quilt details is all on-line and in published materials.

Businesses on Longwoods Road who are enthusiastic about this community project are also welcome to sponsor a location.  If you would like your agricultural building or business to be considered please contact marysimpson(at) or (519) 287-3566.

Name of Owner:

Civic Address of location:

GPS Co-ordinates (if known):

Site particulars: (brief description)

  1. I enjoyed reading the article in The Londoner (Thursday, September 27) I help organize The Plamondon’s Amazing Race, we are always looking for new and interesting ideas for our family race. This is a weekend event held annually in July. Family members visit numerous sites in London on Saturday, and surrounding areas on Sunday. Tanks for a great idea for our Sunday leg of our race.

  2. The art work on each square is intriguing. The beauty of each abstract quilt pattern tells a different story to each viewer.

  3. Sounds wonderful! I wish my century barn was in the area. It’s in Hockley Valley. … My ancestor Daniel Springer settled in Delaware after the revolutionary war. I’ve been to the family grave there. Would love some of his distinguished history to be acknowledged here somehow.

    • And now that I’ve taken a closer look I can see some of his story in “Fire and Smoke.” Amazing! Thank you for calling attention to the history of this area. If my old bank barn was there I’d certainly submit it for consideration.

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