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Alsia Craig is “gettin on the barn quilt trail”

Ron Harwood and Mary Simpson discuss barn quilt strategy

A enthusiastic group of community leaders met at the Alsia Craig community hall, Friday November 4,to find out about barn quilts. Mary Simpson and Denise Corneil from Creative-Communities did an education session on the “how to’s” of barn quilt painting and installs. These Alsia Craig citizens are looking to brighten up their beautiful community and what better way than doing a grass roots community project, like barn quilts?

Ailsa Craig Community Quilt Festival is May 1-5, 2012 and will feature the Quilts of Denmark. Barn Quilts are the perfect complement. It’s a true fit. Good luck everybody. Have fun with the project and thanks for “gettin on the barn quilt trail”.

Mary and Denise

Ailsa Craig Quilt Festival 2010

When the local quilting shop closed and left town, Ailsa Craig was left with a gap.  The successful quilt show

Jeanne Hamers-van der Werff, President of Quiltersgilde, does a jig with Gary Walker, organizer and host.

featuring quilts from abroad would also cease.  Three years running, quilts from Russia, Kenya, and Ireland had been imported and festively displayed for all to enjoy.

A local committee formed and went to work. A connection with a Dutch quilting guild was made and during the week of May 23 – 28th, 137 Dutch quilts of varying shapes and sizes arrived for the fourth annual festival.  The quilters also came.

On Sunday, residents saluted the Dutch visitors with over 100 quilts airing on porches and clotheslines throughout the village.  Tables groaning with a pot luck buffet fed 125 people packed into Ye Olde Towne Hall. On Monday, the first day of the Festival, five hundred people visited the exhibition hung in the Ailsa Craig Recreation Centre. On Monday evening, a  gala was held at the Recreation Centre with over 50 Festival Supporters in attendance.  Read the rest of this entry