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Barn Quilt Installs nearly completed

Mr Mitton of Thamesville and Homeward Bound barn quilt

Home Ward Bound and Mr Mitton from Thamesville

The weather was perfect this past weekend for the Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail installations. Twenty-five out of the 30 paintings are now up. Barn quilt hosts are enthused with the new pieces of “art”.  Passersby are questioning “what is happening” in our rural area? “What are those things on the barns?”

For those who know, please spread the word. The Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail is a 65 km stretch of rural highway running from the Delaware Speedway on Gideon Road to Tecumseh’s Monument east of Thamesville.

Take your honey for a drive and “head on down” the barn quilt trail.


Barn Quilt Paint Workshop November 23

Great evening.  Good Turn out.  Quilters have their designs chosen, colours selected, and a joint fabric order for both quilts.  The painting teams are getting signed up.  First come; first serve to adopt five quilt blocks each, set up a workshop, and have a weekend painting party.   Delaware Lions.  Tait’s Corner Community.  Upper Thames Military Re-enactment Society are in.  The painting schedule starts in the New Year.   We hope that whoever hosts a painting venue will be able to offer it to more than one group.  Call Denise Corneil at 519 693-7002.  Sponsors are being sought.

Alsia Craig is “gettin on the barn quilt trail”

Ron Harwood and Mary Simpson discuss barn quilt strategy

A enthusiastic group of community leaders met at the Alsia Craig community hall, Friday November 4,to find out about barn quilts. Mary Simpson and Denise Corneil from Creative-Communities did an education session on the “how to’s” of barn quilt painting and installs. These Alsia Craig citizens are looking to brighten up their beautiful community and what better way than doing a grass roots community project, like barn quilts?

Ailsa Craig Community Quilt Festival is May 1-5, 2012 and will feature the Quilts of Denmark. Barn Quilts are the perfect complement. It’s a true fit. Good luck everybody. Have fun with the project and thanks for “gettin on the barn quilt trail”.

Mary and Denise

Longwoods Road Quilts

Breaking News

Members of the Longwoods Road Quilt Team met July 21 at the Sew Creative quilting shop owned by Joan Hilhorst, Mt Brydges.

The enthusiastic group received a history lesson from Mr Glen Stott about the historical events that occurred on the Longwoods Road during the War of 1812. Two quilts will honour the local women of this region during this important time in Canadian history.

The block designs of the 2 quilts will be featured as barn quilts on heritage barns from Thamesville to Delaware along the Longwoods Road.

If you are interested in getting involved in these great projects please contact us.

Quilters are needed.

Denise Corneil  519-693-7002

Mary Simpson  519-287-3566

The incredible Quilt Block Sundial project. North Carolina

Evidence of the Economic Impact:   

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We created the world’s first quilt block sundial. It is the largest vertical sundial in North Carolina. We just took first place (Award of Merit) from the Small Town Main Street organization for the sundial in the Promotion category. Last year we also won first place for out Quilt Trails project.

We have created an in-town walking tour of the quilt blocks in town. We also have produced 3 Road Rallys based on the quilt blocks. This event brings people to the area and some spend the night as the Rally starts early in the morning.

We also have a Gift Shop at the Chamber of Commerce.

Because of the sundial and the interest generated in it, the town of Burnsville launched a Stars on the Square event. We turn out all the lights on the town square and people bring their telescopes and those without telescopes come and everyone looks at and learns about the stars until midnight. A local business supplied heaters and hot chocolate and coffee and cookies for our first event. The second event is already scheduled (as is the third and fourth) and the second event will feature a lecture by the Chief Engineer on the Hubble Space Telescope and the Rotary Club will sell refreshments (this one will be in April). Already this event is starting to generate new revenue for the folks who live here – and it can be traced back to the sundial. If you read the section below called Quilt Square Star Map you will see a connection.

We are happy to make sundials for anyone anywhere in the country, as well as paint quilt blocks. WE have painted blocks for people in Florida and Texas.

Barbara Webster
Executive Director
Quilt Trails of Western North Carolina
PO Box 986
Burnsville, NC 28714