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How businesses use barn quilts

Written by Holly Walker, Anthony Wilson, Loafers Glory Rafting & Tubing

Many businesses in Burnsville, North Carolina have put a quilt block on their building because it means higher traffic into their businesses. Tourists seek the blocks, then when they find them, they photograph them, and come inside to learn the story. Most of the time they buy something, or they pick up a brochure about the business and later return.

Here is what one business owner told us:

“As business owners, we can attest to the power of the quilt block as an effective advertising tool for our business. People see our block and come in to our store to ask about it. They are curious about the block- what does it mean, we have seen others, what is that all about? While they are in the store they might buy a drink, a souvenir, and they always take a brochure. Our business now has a potential return customer, all because the quilt block piqued their interest. We have had many referrals this way that translated into actual revenues. When it comes to value as a form of advertising, a quilt block cannot be beat. It becomes a permanent advertisement for your company.”
Holly Walker
Anthony Wilson
Loafers Glory Rafting & Tubing

Loafer’s Glory Rafting quilt block was custom designed: ‘What Floats Your Boat’

What Floats Your Boat.