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Longwoods Quilt honours women of War of 1812

  Here it is:

What everyone has been waiting for. Through vision, creativity and hard work, the thirty block Longwoods Quilt is completed.  Click above on Stories to find the story that goes with each block.

What a project we have created to commemorate the War of 1812 women.

Thanks to Northcott Fabric and Joan Hillhorst at Sew Creative and all the Ladies of the  Quilt Team.  Call Joan at Sew Creative to enquire about borrowing the quilt and a speaker  for your community group. (519) 264-2177


Barn Quilt Installs nearly completed

Mr Mitton of Thamesville and Homeward Bound barn quilt

Home Ward Bound and Mr Mitton from Thamesville

The weather was perfect this past weekend for the Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail installations. Twenty-five out of the 30 paintings are now up. Barn quilt hosts are enthused with the new pieces of “art”.  Passersby are questioning “what is happening” in our rural area? “What are those things on the barns?”

For those who know, please spread the word. The Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail is a 65 km stretch of rural highway running from the Delaware Speedway on Gideon Road to Tecumseh’s Monument east of Thamesville.

Take your honey for a drive and “head on down” the barn quilt trail.

Longwoods Road progress report

After spending the summer and fall designing a quilt, studying the history, and seeking out sponsors, the planning meetings have stopped and the project is in full swing!  Joan Hillhorst at Sew Creative is heading up the quilting team and has distributed block kits to be stitched by experienced quilters thoughout the area.  Freda Henry, Maxine Hendrick, and a second quilting team are designing another quilt focussing on First Nations themes and image.  
The research team has written a series of stories describing each block.  Dulox paint company has donated all the paint and Northcott has donated all the fabric for the two fabric quilts.  Several community groups have stepped up to paint the blocks: Delaware Lions Club, 2nd Bothwell Boy Scouts, Melbourne Agricultural Society, Glencoe District Lions Club, Tait’s Corners Community Centre.  Melbourne is getting things started this week.
The broader community have been talking about the barn quilts, so the owners of heritage barns are ready for the question when approached by the siting team.  “Would you like to host a barn quilt?”
South Caradoc has designed the blocks for their spur line down Muncey Road. Kudoes to Frances Kilbourne, whose historical knowledge is an inspiration.
Ailsa Craig, in the north end of Middlesex, also has a project.  Their highly successful Community Quilt Festival runs May 1-5, 2012 featuring “Quilts of Denmark”.

Barn Quilt Paint Workshop November 23

Great evening.  Good Turn out.  Quilters have their designs chosen, colours selected, and a joint fabric order for both quilts.  The painting teams are getting signed up.  First come; first serve to adopt five quilt blocks each, set up a workshop, and have a weekend painting party.   Delaware Lions.  Tait’s Corner Community.  Upper Thames Military Re-enactment Society are in.  The painting schedule starts in the New Year.   We hope that whoever hosts a painting venue will be able to offer it to more than one group.  Call Denise Corneil at 519 693-7002.  Sponsors are being sought.

Longwoods Road Quilts

Breaking News

Members of the Longwoods Road Quilt Team met July 21 at the Sew Creative quilting shop owned by Joan Hilhorst, Mt Brydges.

The enthusiastic group received a history lesson from Mr Glen Stott about the historical events that occurred on the Longwoods Road during the War of 1812. Two quilts will honour the local women of this region during this important time in Canadian history.

The block designs of the 2 quilts will be featured as barn quilts on heritage barns from Thamesville to Delaware along the Longwoods Road.

If you are interested in getting involved in these great projects please contact us.

Quilters are needed.

Denise Corneil  519-693-7002

Mary Simpson  519-287-3566