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Mennonite Barn Quilt Trail funded in Elgin County

The Aylmer News reported April 1st that a barn quilt trail would be funded as part of a Mennonnite project  in the Aylmer area.  Congratulations!  We can’t think of anything finer than barn quilts going on Mennonnite barns with the quilts to match!

AYLMER – MPP Steve Peters was at the Mennonite Central Committee office  in Aylmer yesterday to make these funding presentations:  Mennonite Central Committee received a $116,200 grant to assist its radio station operations and for promotion of a barn-quilt cultural tour through East Elgin; $50.000 went to Peacekeeper Park at Lake Whittaker to install activity challenge equipment; and $28, 500 went to the Aylmer Columbus Club for building renovations.