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Tecumseh Barn Quilt Block

Tecumseh Barn Quilt Block

This beautiful rendition of Tecumseh is one of the 30 images on the Trail of Tears Barn Quilt Trail  in Chippewa on the Thames First Nation.  Thanks to Glenda Cochran, Art & Soul Photography for her great work.

Follow this map to see this image and other First Nations Barn Quilt Art.

Barn Quilt Conference

Are you interested in

“Getting on the Barn Quilt Trail”

join us at the barn quilt trail

CONFERENCE October 22 & 23, 2013

Homeward Bound

-Learn how to make a barn quilt-

-Learn how to make a barn quilt trail-

Longwoods Barn Quilt and stories. Click on a block for details about each block

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Longwoods Quilt honours women of War of 1812

  Here it is:

What everyone has been waiting for. Through vision, creativity and hard work, the thirty block Longwoods Quilt is completed.  Click above on Stories to find the story that goes with each block.

What a project we have created to commemorate the War of 1812 women.

Thanks to Northcott Fabric and Joan Hillhorst at Sew Creative and all the Ladies of the  Quilt Team.  Call Joan at Sew Creative to enquire about borrowing the quilt and a speaker  for your community group. (519) 264-2177

Alsia Craig is “gettin on the barn quilt trail”

Ron Harwood and Mary Simpson discuss barn quilt strategy

A enthusiastic group of community leaders met at the Alsia Craig community hall, Friday November 4,to find out about barn quilts. Mary Simpson and Denise Corneil from Creative-Communities did an education session on the “how to’s” of barn quilt painting and installs. These Alsia Craig citizens are looking to brighten up their beautiful community and what better way than doing a grass roots community project, like barn quilts?

Ailsa Craig Community Quilt Festival is May 1-5, 2012 and will feature the Quilts of Denmark. Barn Quilts are the perfect complement. It’s a true fit. Good luck everybody. Have fun with the project and thanks for “gettin on the barn quilt trail”.

Mary and Denise