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Tecumseh Barn Quilt Block

Tecumseh Barn Quilt Block

This beautiful rendition of Tecumseh is one of the 30 images on the Trail of Tears Barn Quilt Trail  in Chippewa on the Thames First Nation.  Thanks to Glenda Cochran, Art & Soul Photography for her great work.

Follow this map to see this image and other First Nations Barn Quilt Art.

Barn Quilt Conference

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Order ‘Taken and Destroyed’ now. Focus on Southwest Ontario

Taken and Destroyed: The War of 1812 Losses Claims, London and Western Districts Upper Canada
By Glenn Stott and Carol Hall
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2011


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Taken and Destroyed is a key resource to help researchers identify which individuals made claims for losses due to actions during the War of 1812, where they resided, what items and property those claims were for, if the claim was denied or approved, and for how much currency. This book provides key information about each claim, and guides readers to the exact microfilm which contains the complete details and images of documents for each claim. Accessing the referenced microfilms will provide researchers with related images of any formal letters, diagrams, maps, notes and vouchers that appear on those microfilms.

Battle of the Longwoods, March 4, 1814

Another story by W.A. Edwards, local story teller and poet of the 1930s.  Written in 1931.

Vivid Story of Real Scrap In The War of 1812 That Did Not Find Its Way Into The History Books.

This is the story of “Battle Hill” an episode of the war of 1812 and sequel to the Battle of Moraviantown, where the gallant Tecumseh laid down his life for the young colony of Canada, and Col Proctor met such ignominious. Why history has failed to chronicle this thrilling and desperate encounter has always been a mystery.  Today, few if any, realize the significance of the name, for with the passing of the pioneer, has gone all vivid recollection of the struggle and its gruesome aftermath.  Among the sleepy hollows echo the rattle of the farmers wagons.  And so may they rest in peace. Read the rest of this entry

Launch of the Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail

September 29, 2012, 10 a.m. – 12 Noon