Glencoe District Lions


Snapshot of Glencoe District Lions

Thanks so much to the Glencoe District Lions Club for painting 5 barn quilts for the Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail. Great job!

These are the 5 local barn quilts that where painted by the group. Take a tour see if you can find these on the Longwoods Road

On October 19, 1974, the Glencoe District Lions Club received its Charter with 36 men of all vocations, jobs and professions pledging their support. Most of them with young families. A lot of those original Charter members eventually moved away, right across Canada and elsewhere. Many of them joined Lions clubs in their new communities. Quite a few have died, others retired. However, the club still has three active Charter members within the club.

Once a men-only organization. Women have swelled the ranks and for many years now have contributed greatly to the success of this organization and Glencoe District Lions in particular.

The evidence of the club’s contribution to the community can be seen all around what we call Glencoe District in the form of various facilities such as playgrounds, ball parks, soccer fields and tennis courts. But much greater then that is the unseen benefit bestowed upon the poor, the ill, the blind and the hungry. The Glencoe District Lions Club does far more than support hockey, figure skating, tennis, dance, ball, soccer. The club rewards education, help with  traveling costs of local youths going to distant lands to experience other cultures and to share our way of life, as well as supporting youths from all over the world to come here and learn our way of life. As well as now supporting a foster child. It contributes greatly towards preventing blindness and diseases in developing countries through inoculations for countless preventable diseases and has helped the blind locally and around the world.

You see the strength of Lions is not necessarily the money it raises for worthy projects, and it has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, it is in the service members can provide as a group of dedicated volunteers that goes far beyond what we can do as individuals. Worldwide Lions strength lies in the networking of clubs so that when tragedy strikes Lions are there to help almost immediately.

Glencoe District Lions has a proud history and with new members joining the organization the load will be lighter and the work Lions can accomplish will be all the greater.

Lions have been called miracle workers, a world-wide organization dedicated to improving the life of millions. The Glencoe District Lions club is part of that miracle network.

The Lions Motto is WE SERVE and the Glencoe District Lions Club welcomes all who will join it in that service work.

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