Glencoe Rotary

Glencoe Rotary

The Rotary Club of Glencoe has been serving the local and international community since it was chartered in 1946.  Currently we have 12 members. Most of our fundraising is through bingos, Nevada tickets, draws and barbeques.  We contribute to the local food bank, hospital, Easter Seals, etc. as well as supporting the “Can I Play Too?” subsidy program.  Our club supports local as well as international literacy, health, hunger, clean water and sanitation efforts.  We also support the eradication of Polio  worldwide, a mission undertaken by Rotary International in 1985. At that time, Polio was widespread through most of the world.  Currently there are only four countries remaining in which the polio virus is endemic.  Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Nigeria, and outbreaks are localized.  We are over 99% of the way to our final goal, but it is the last 1% that is the hardest.  We are in the final stretch, and are hopeful that we will complete this mission in the next few years.

The Rotary Club of Glencoe welcomes new members who are interested in fellowship and service to others.

We meet every Thursday at the historic Train Station in Glencoe at 6:30 pm., and welcome interested visitors to join us for dinner, and get to know us.

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