Tait’s Corners

The Tait’s Corners Community Club is in the process of upgrading our facility which is an old one-room schoolhouse built in 1891 – the last of its kind in Ekfrid Township. The building was purchased from the school board in 1969 by members of the community. Over the past 43 years the building has been maintained by the community club and has played an important role as a community centre and rural community builder. In 2010 Tait’s Corners Community Club used $25,000 of funds it had raised to date to construct the exterior shell of an 18’x28′ addition which is to house 2 washrooms (one handicapped) and a kitchen, as well as an accessible entrance. We were very grateful, after a great deal of volunteer hours by our members to complete an application, to receive in 2011 a  Grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to assist us in  finishing the interior of this addition with bathroom fixtures; kitchen fixtures and appliances; lighting, heating, flooring, etc. etc.

Until now, the school house has focused on the local community, but we would like to share this gem by extending its use into the wider community. We desire to maintain the historic value of the building and promote our local heritage, however we recognize the need to improve the building for future sustainability.

The Tait’s Corners Community Club (TCCC) endeavours to preserve the historic Tait’s Corners School House to connect the community socially and promote its rural heritage and lifestyle for future generations. This is a unique and historic building – a one-room school house – which has the potential to become a distinctive tourist attraction.

As a result of this project the Tait’s Corners Community will become even more tight-knit as a shared vision tends to strengthen relationships. An improved facility will encourage more community activity, and Southwest Middlesex will have a unique historical facility available for community use that is functional and accessible to all.

This building services a large rural area and is the only community building available for rental in the local community. With improved facility we anticipate increases in hall rentals. Opportunities for local entrepreneurs including scrapbooking, cooking classes, fitness and dance classes are anticipated because of the appropriate size of the building and the reasonable rental fees which are intended to cover building operating costs only. Our facility will also be an excellent location for small catered weddings, family reunions, bridal and baby showers, business meetings, fundraiser dinners and dances. Local catering businesses and musicians will benefit due to increased usage of the hall for these types of events.

Tait’s Corners Community Club will continue to hold the annual Pork and Corn Roast which attracts over 400 people and promotes local produce, creates advertising for local donors, provides exposure and income for local musicians, and creates an annual meeting place for the community to network. Tait’s Corners Community Club will also continue to hold dances and we anticipate the opportunity to increase their frequency with improved facilities.

Clean, potable water for the facility will be purchased from and delivered by local water companies thereby providing additional revenue for local businesses.

With handicapped accessibility all of the events held at this building will meet the new government regulations and provide opportunities for better community inclusion.

For the sake of the building’s relevance and longevity these upgrades were needed. The members of the Tait’s Corners Community Club, the people who live in the immediate surrounding area of this historic building, have a heart for the community and our school house, and a desire to share our heritage.  We also have a shared vision for the future and understand the importance of creating a sustainable building.

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